CNY community program pushes geothermal energy to decrease costs, harm to environment

A two-year community-based campaign has started in central New York meant to drive down heating and cooling costs and greenhouse gas emissions by using geothermal energy. The campaign is called HeatSmart CNY, and it helps homeowners install ground-source and air-source heat pumps designed for cold climates. HeatSmart CNY program manager Lindsay Speer explained how these pumps work. “There’s energy in the air and earth around us all the time,” Speer said. “There’s heat there. And so, what air source and ground source heat pumps do is they capture that energy and compress it and bring it into your home, pumping up the heat to the temperature you want in your house.” It is a heating and cooling

A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday

In a massive new report, federal scientists contradict President Trump and assert that climate change is an intensifying danger to the United States. Too bad it came out on a holiday. ROBINSON MEYER NOV 23, 2018 Firefighters battle the King Fire near Fresh Pond, California, in September 2014. NOAH BERGER / REUTERS On Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, the federal government published a massive and dire new report on climate change. The report warns, repeatedly and directly, that climate change could soon imperil the American way of life, transforming every region of the country, imposing frustrating costs on the economy, and harming the health of virtually every citizen. Most sign

New Statewide Initiatives to Spur Widespread Adoption of Electric Vehicles and Increase Charging Inf

Level 3 charging station. Credit: New High-Speed Electric Vehicle Chargers To Be Sited Along Major Traffic Corridors Including JFK Airport and In Key Cities Lower Electric Rates Approved for Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicles to Spur Electric Vehicle Ownership More Than $15 Million Already Provided to More Than 11,000 Consumers for the Purchase of Non-Polluting Cars to Help New York Reach its Charge NY Goals From Purchase, To Home, To the Road, New York Is Advancing This Clean Transportation Source to Lower Emissions and Combat Climate Change New York State today announced a series of broad-scale initiatives to encourage the purchase and increase the convenience and accessi

Tesla shares new jobs numbers, tour of South Buffalo solar factory

This week Tesla offered a rare glimpse of its Gigafactory 2 in South Buffalo, but it did not allow news cameras inside. Tesla claims it has hired 800 employees for its solar roof factory, well above the target it says New York State required of 500 employees by April 2019. Secrecy has swirled around the behemoth Tesla plant in South Buffalo. What goes on inside the factory? How many people are working there? And what exactly are they making? The lack of transparency has been a source of frustration for many because $750 million in taxpayer funds was dedicated to the plant as part of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's Buffalo Billion economic development initiative. Tesla finally offered


FULTONVILLE — A representative with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority met with the Town of Glen Planning Board to review a model solar energy local law during the board’s workshop Tuesday. The expertise from NYSERDA will help the planning board create its own proposed solar energy law to govern the clean energy facilities in the town. Frank Mace, the senior project manager of the NYSERDA program NY-SUN, reviewed the model solar energy local law, which is a template for municipalities, with planning board members during the workshop. A goal of NY-SUN is to help make it possible for New Yorkers to choose clean energy while lowering their energy costs. The program is

Town of Pittsford receives $50K clean energy grant

The Town of Pittsford received a $50,000 Clean Energy Community grant on Wednesday from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The town was designated a "Clean Energy Community" in 2017 for its high impact sustainability initiatives that aimed at reducing energy use and carbon emissions, cutting costs and driving use of clean energy locally. “Pittsford was proud last year, and remains proud, to be the first town of its size in Monroe County to earn Clean Energy Community designation,” said Town Supervisor Bill Smith. “This grant allows us to build on our strong record of green accomplishments. It rewards our timing and planning in 2017 to qualify early as a Clean Ener

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