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NYSERDA and Montante Solar Announce One of the First State-Supported Community Solar Projects in Wes

Supports Governor Cuomo’s Goal of 50 Percent

Renewable Power by 2030

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and Montante Solar today announced the completion of one of the first community solar projects in Western New York. The 99 kilowatt (kW) solar installation at the Riverview Solar Technology Park will help New York meet Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard requiring 50 percent of the state’s electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2030. Community solar projects enable multiple residents and small business owners to subscribe to buy a portion of the energy produced by an off-site solar array. Subscribers receive credit on their individual monthly electric bills for the power the array produces. Alicia Barton, President and CEO, NYSERDA, said, “This project is a great example of how Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is bringing new and greater energy choices, including solar power, to consumers across the state. We congratulate Montante Solar for their commitment to advancing Governor Cuomo's ambitious energy goals that will create healthier communities across New York." The project was designed and constructed by Montante Solar, a Buffalo New York-owned and operated solar developer. The roof-mounted solar array is located at 600 Riverwalk Pkwy, Tonawanda, in the Riverview Solar Technology Park, New York’s first solar-ready business park. The business park acts as a living solar lab, where the future of solar technology is tested and implemented to improve energy efficiency and energy production for all tenants. According to Montante, the community solar array, comprised of 360 solar panels, is nearly fully subscribed. The solar system will provide environmental benefits and cost savings to tenants in the park and in the surrounding community. “Community solar offers the benefits of solar to community members, including renters who cannot, or prefer not to, install solar panels on their homes or businesses,” said Daniel Montante, president, Montante Solar. “These projects have the potential to be a cornerstone of the Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision. We couldn’t be more proud to be laying the tracks that will lead Western New York to a renewable energy future.” The project was supported through NY-Sun, Governor Cuomo’s $1 billion initiative to advance the scale-up of solar and move the State closer to having a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry. Since 2011, solar in New York State has increased nearly 800 percent and leveraged nearly $1.5 billion in private investments. There are more than 8,000 people engaged in solar jobs across New York.

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