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Electric Vehicle Sales Sees Big Jump in 2017, Sets New Records

Chevrolet Bolt at Syracuse Drive and Shine event, 2017

Washington, DC -- In 2017, Americans bought or leased nearly 200,000 electric cars (199,826), a 26% increase over 2016 sales. In December, more Americans purchased or leased electric vehicles (EVs) than in any other single month to date. In total, in the U.S. more than 763,000 electric vehicles have been sold since they first came on the market about seven years ago, putting the industry on track to surpass 1 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by the end of 2018. Worldwide, more than 3 million EVs have already been sold.

Notably, in December of 2017, there were at least 15 different EV models that sold more vehicles than in any other month previously. In 2017, there were 10 new EV models launched. In 2018,10 new models, including some existing models with new features and longer range, are expected to be released.

In response, SIerra Club Clean Transportation for All Director Gina Coplon-Newfield released the following statement:

“The sale of electric vehicles are shifting into the fast lane. More and more people are realizing that these cars are not only cleaner to drive, but they save money at the pump and at the mechanic. We should expect sales to continue to accelerate as more and more cars become available and thousands more charging stations come online.”

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