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GE sets Guinness World Record at plant in France

GE Power CEO Steve Bolze in France on Friday making the announcement about the HA turbine

Executives from GE Power in Schenectady were in France Friday to declare that a power plant using the company’s new HA gas turbine had set a Guinness World Record for efficiency.

The combined cycle power plant, which uses both a gas and steam turbine, is located in Bouchain, France, is owned by the energy company EDF and can power 680,000 homes.

“Today we are making history with this power plant for the future,” said Steve Bolze, CEO of GE Power. “We are thrilled to be acknowledged by Guinness World Records for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant, and we are also very proud of the industry-leading flexibility and reliability this turbine provides to our customers.”

Bolze is based in Schenectady, which is headquarters for GE Power, a division of General Electric Co.

The new HA turbine was made in France.

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