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NYSERDA Announces $10 Million for Industrial Energy Efficiency

Funding supports clean energy projects at large and medium-size industrial facilities

ALBANY, N.Y. — The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced $10 million in funding for two new clean energy initiatives to support energy efficiency and reduce costs at industrial and manufacturing facilities. The On-Site Energy Manager and Strategic Energy Management initiatives are designed to improve business performance and operations of participating facilities while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The two initiatives support cutting-edge energy management in New York’s industrial and manufacturing base, which accounts for 7.4 percent of total energy use in the state. As energy is one of the largest operational costs for manufacturers, investing in process and energy efficiency improvements will lower costs and improve overall competitiveness. Facilities that participate in NYSERDA’s On-Site Energy Manager and Strategic Energy Management initiatives are expected to save a total of $12.9 million annually through recommended efficiency measures.

New York State Chairman of Energy and Finance Richard Kauffman said, “Large energy users, such as those in the industrial and manufacturing sector, understand how incorporating energy efficiency into core business processes can reduce costs. By supporting personnel and their efforts to address energy challenges of these facilities and plants, we advance the state’s energy objectives and help companies and manufacturers improve their results.”

The On-Site Energy Manager initiative will provide $7 million in cost-share funding in partnership with large and medium-size industrial facilities to demonstrate the benefits of hiring a dedicated, full-time on-site energy manager. Through a competitive process, 30 facilities will be selected to receive NYSERDA support to put a contractor or permanent employee in that role for one year. The on-site energy manager will help the facilities make productivity improvements that drive energy efficiency and reduce energy use on a sustainable, ongoing basis.

The Strategic Energy Management initiative will provide $3 million to support continuous improvement demonstrations at 20 manufacturing facilities statewide that have high energy usage and costs. NYSERDA will provide consultants to teach facility personnel how to reduce energy intensity over time, systematically achieve energy savings goals, and implement smart, sustainable energy management practices that lead to ongoing cost savings for the business.

Following completion of these initiatives, NYSERDA will establish a list of qualified energy-focused process consultants who can provide energy management expertise to industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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