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Lockheed Martin installs energy-storage system at Salina plant

SALINA, N.Y. — Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE: LMT) has installed its GridStarTM Lithium energy storage system at its plant in Salina.

The 1 megawatt system will reduce electricity bills and emissions for Lockheed Martin’s operations, the Bethesda, Maryland–based defense contractor contends in a news release.

The system will also provide services to the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), the state’s wholesale-electricity operator.

The French firm Engie, an independent power producer and energy-services provider, will operate the system and dispatch the power.

“We provide turn-key energy-storage solutions for a variety of utilities, independent-power producers, commercial and industrial customers and developers,” Frank Armijo, VP of Lockheed Martin Energy, said in the release. “As we provide customers with advanced energy solutions, we’re pleased also to implement them at our own facilities to further our affordability and sustainability goals.”

Lockheed Martin Energy is the firm’s line of business that provides the energy industry with “demand-response solutions, energy efficiency, energy storage, nuclear systems, tidal-energy technologies and bioenergy generation,” as described in the release.

System capabilities

Lockheed Martin Energy used the company’s “advanced” project-analytics capabilities to design the installation.

The project deploys Lockheed Martin’s compact, “easy-to-install” GridStarTM Lithium energy-storage system.

Lockheed Martin and Engie “integrated” the GridStarTM system with Engie’s energy-storage operating software to “achieve a multi-functional application of energy storage.”

“This project is a great opportunity to combine multiple capabilities in the growing market for decentralized energy management,” Jason Goodhand, director of energy storage for Engie North America, said in the Lockheed Martin release. “By pairing Lockheed Martin’s system with our Green Charge subsidiary’s advanced, patented software as well as Engie’s experience in scheduling and dispatching power, we bring together a powerful solution that supports Lockheed Martin’s goals and enhances the flexibility and resiliency of the broader power grid of the New York ISO."

Lockheed Martin said it plans to install additional energy storage systems at sites across the company.

The defense contractor on Sept. 20 also announced the opening of a new bioenergy facility to convert waste into power for the corporation’s facility in Owego.

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