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Massive solar farm proposed for Selkirk

A rendering of how a proposed 8 megawatt solar farm in Selkirk would look from area properties. Photo: Rulison, Larry

A developer is planning an 8 megawatt solar farm in Selkirk that would easily be the largest built so far in the Capital Region.

Plans for the solar farm have been submitted to town of Bethlehem officials, which must approve the project. The developer is NextEra Energy, a Florida solar energy developer that has done other large solar farms in town.

The largest solar farms locally are about 2.5 megawatts, although much larger projects are in the pipeline, including a 98 megawatt solar farm being planned for Montgomery County.

The Selkirk project would be located at 93 Bridge St. on land owned by the Frick family. The project would cover 43 acres, or 1.89 million square feet of space.

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