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DeWitt Becomes the Latest to Install Electric Vehicle Chargers as Part of State Effort

DeWitt Town Supervisor Ed Michalenko cuts the ribbon for three new electric vehicle charging stations available to public. CREDIT JOHN SMITH / WAER NEWS

A new installation of electric vehicle chargers in DeWitt is part of a move by the state to increase use of EVs. Three new stations were unveiled Monday at the DeWitt Town Hall. Town Supervisor Ed Michaelenko said he is excited to take steps toward what used to be considered futuristic.

It’s about time we all started to embrace the technology and we pushed our leadership to make sure charging stations and centers like this are a regular occurrence. Someday, like I say, our grandchildren will see George Jetson with electric technology and drone technology be the wave of transportation of the future,” said Michaelenko.

The installation is part of the Charge New York initiative to increase use of electric vehicles by making charging more accessible. The program has helped put charging stations in Syracuse, Auburn and Fayetteville, among other places. Energetics Project Manager Bryan Roy helped identify the best location and praised the town’s participation.

They put in a lot of work to install the charging stations and did contributions on their part as well. Just the vision that they have that this is the future and they’re willing to showcase it. There’s many other municipalities that are starting to get that, and DeWitt can really be a role model for others to follow,” said Roy.

Clean Communities of CNY assisted the project. Coordinator Barry Carr said more charging stations could encourage more people to switch to electric transportation.

Eighty percent of us won’t buy a vehicle if we don’t see a place to charge it that’s open to the public. So the number one choice is at home. The number two choice is workplace charging. I’m hoping that the Town of DeWitt employees will take advantage of the fact that these are actually six separate places they can plug in while they’re at work,” said Carr.

Carr noted the number of EVs on the road increased by about 40 percent in each of the last two years. Charging at the new stations in DeWitt will be free for the first year, thanks to state grants.

Governor Cuomo announced a $4.2 million expansion which adds more high-speed charging stations at Thruway service areas and Thruway-owned commuter parking lots over the next two years. These new charging stations, combined with those in cities around the corridor, will allow electric car drivers to travel the length of the Thruway.

How ChargePoint Stations Work:

The ChargePoint level 2 dual port charging stations, which charge any plug-in electric car, can be found on interactive station maps through ChargePoint’s app or online. EV drivers can then access the station and unlock the charging point by using their ChargePoint ID card, the ChargePoint app or by calling the 24/7 ChargePoint number listed on the station screen. Once unlocked, drivers can connect the charging cord to their vehicle, which charges the cars at a rate of about 10-20 additional miles of driving range per hour of charge.

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