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C&S corporations producing solar energy at Salina headquarters

SALINA, NY – C&S companies announced Wednesday that they had started generating electricity at their headquarters in Salina, not far from Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

The company expects the 672 rooftop solar panels that are part of C & S’s solar power system will generate approximately 25 percent of the facility’s electricity consumption using clean, carbon-free solar energy.

“Implementing a solar power system is just one of the many ways we promote sustainability,” said Tim Hughes, C & S’s sustainability director, in a press release. “In addition to the environmental benefits, the financial amortization that this system will produce in the first few years will essentially pay for the installation costs.”

The installation of the solar modules supports C & S’s sustainability initiative to “reduce the consumption, deterioration and consumption of vital, limited resources,” said C & S. Other sustainability initiatives in the Syracuse office included LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the purchase of Energy Star devices, occupancy sensors, and a recycling program.

Construction of the solar power system was completed by Solar Liberty of Buffalo “in just a few months,” with the system finalizing this month, the company added.

Based in Salina, C&S Companies is a planning, design and construction company with offices in Rochester, Binghamton, Albany and Buffalo, as well as in other countries across the country. The company serves government, airport, university, healthcare, industrial, private development and other clients with infrastructure planning, design and construction projects.


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