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New York state government to add DC chargers in central New York

Oneonta, NY will be receiving one of the 350 kW DCFC units. Photo credit: Bennekom/

The state government of New York has announced that it will add up to 19 DC chargers across central New York. This is part of an agreement between Mirabito and the New York Power Authority (NYPA). The DC chargers will be spread across five hubs with the first being in an Oneonta Mirabito Convenience Store, the latter of which is the seventh installation as part of the NYPA’s EVolve NY charging infrastructure that’s currently being installed across the state.

All five charging hubs will be online by fall of this year and offer emissions-free charging. This is part of the New York state government’s clean energy goals, which include reducing carbon emissions by 22 tons, and greenhouse gases by 85 percent by 2050. Electrification and energy efficiency will lead the way for New York’s sustainability goals.

Public-private partnerships enable New York to build a network of fast, affordable, and reliable electric vehicle public charging stations in a nimble and affordable way,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Expanding high-speed charging in local markets across the state is a crucial step in encouraging more drivers to choose EVs.” Cuomo also notes that expanding the charging infrastructure will lead more New Yorkers to choose EVs for emissions-free mobility, helping reduce emissions.

New York state Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul drove to the opening event in an EV, the first hosted at a Mirabito convenience store. “New York’s future will be fueled by clean, renewable energy, and electric vehicles are part of the foundation to achieving this goal,” said Lt. Gov. Hochul. “Today’s announcement of five new high-speed electric vehicle charging hubs at Mirabito Convenience Stores will help reduce carbon emissions and achieve significant savings in fuel cost while encouraging New Yorkers to buy electric vehicles as we establish more charging stations. New York is committed to building back cleaner, greener, and more resilient now and in the future.”

The DC charging hubs being installed at Mirabito locations across central New York are part of a plan to make EVs more accessible and viable. They’ll be strategically added in urban areas and key travel routes to make it easier for consumers to access charging stations for their vehicles. EVolve NY plans to install 150 DC chargers across New York state by the end of 2021, giving it the third-largest open-access (available to all EVs) network in the U.S. The chargers will be strategically placed in gaps 50 miles or less from each other.

The Oneonta site will have one 350 kW DC charger and three 150 kW DC chargers. They’ll also include CHAdeMO plugs for older EVs. Additionally, the chargers will also support plug-and-charge capability via a credit or debit card and the Electrify America app. This location will also be operated in cooperation with Electrify Commercial, which is Electrify America’s division aimed at helping businesses, utilities, and government entities end-to-end charging solutions.

New York plans to have 50,000 charging stations across the state by 2025 as part of a $1 billion investment in electrifying the transportation sector and expanding its availability to all New Yorkers including those with low incomes. Gov. Cuomo’s ambitious sustainability plan aims to have a zero-emissions electricity sector by 2040, and 70 percent renewable energy generation by 2030. In total, $4 billion will be invested in the state for the clean energy transition. This includes 91 large-scale renewable projects and the creation of 150,000 jobs in the clean energy sector.


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