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RG&E, NYSEG say expect electric bills to increase this winter

That chill in the air means winter is coming, and that usually means an increase in your energy bills. RG&E and NYSEG want to let customers know the electricity and natural gas delivery service rates are expected to remain the same, however, RG&E is saying the cost of natural gas — the commodity itself — will be going up.

Veronica Dasher with NYSEG and RG&E says she wants to be clear supply is all driven by the market — so it’s nothing they can control. They are encouraging customers to take conservation measures in their homes to help push back against higher bills.

“What we’re looking at — it looks like there’s an average of $18 dollars more per month from December to March for electricity… and it’s also projected for $60 dollars more per month in gas due to supply pricing going up.”

RG&E did request rate increases to the State Public Service Commission earlier this year, which would actually increase the delivery charges. A public hearing was held Tuesday on this topic, with customers asking to deny that request.

Dasher wanted to make clear that all utility providers are experiencing high supply prices across the US. “So we understand that customers are feeling the burden, which is why we want to make sure we’re promoting options like, where customers can receive discounts,” she said.

They are encouraging customers to take conservation measures in their homes to help push back against higher bills now to help lower your bills — before the weather gets cold.

“It can be using LED or energy-efficient bulbs, having a smart thermostat — we actually offer these on our website. Right now we have a promotion going on for smart LED bulbs for less than $3 dollars, which is really good- it’s economically feasible, and it helps to save money from incandescent bulbs.”

Another option they have is for customers to get budget billing. “And what that does is it at your past usage, your history, or the history of the home or apartment you’re in and it estimates what your payments would be over a 12-month period,” Dasher said.

For those long waits on the customer service phone line- Dasher says they are having the same labor issues many other companies around the nation are facing — and are trying to expand opportunities in the region to fill those gaps.

Dasher said there are options out there — you can change who you get your energy supply from. That option is under the ‘choice’ tab and you can compare prices there.


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