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An aerial view of SUNY Morrisville’s new $16 million Agricultural and Clean Energy Technology (ACET) Center. (Photo credit: SUNY Morrisville)

MORRISVILLE, N.Y. — Students are taking classes this semester in SUNY Morrisville’s new $16 million Agricultural and Clean Energy Technology (ACET) Center.

The 30,000-square-foot building houses the college’s renewable energy, agricultural engineering, and diesel technology programs. The school formally opened the applied learning technology building during an Oct. 21 ceremony.

“We are very excited about this new building,” said SUNY Morrisville President David Rogers. “The timing of this building could not be better planned and it opens at a critical time, especially as Central New York and New York State pursue clean-energy priorities.

The renewable energy, agricultural engineering, and diesel-technology programs are all built on “strong relationships” with advisors, industry leaders and partners, and supportive alumni, many of whom attended the ceremony.

“This investment creates opportunities for graduates to address climate change, while also positioning Morrisville with sustainable pathways in higher education,” Rogers said.

The center is filled with real-world laboratories, based on industry standards, which are helping to prepare students to succeed in industries reaching out for qualified graduates with keen skillsets.

“Our goal is to use this facility to its maximum potential as we shepherd in the next era of commercial and industrial energy system designers, project developers and operations managers,” Phil Hofmeyer, associate professor of renewable energy, said.

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